Body Detox: The Process To Purify Your Life, Mind, And Soul

detoxHuman bodies must be detoxified. That is, the amount of toxins and pathogens must be
removed from the body in order to maintain health and happiness.

A healthy human body removes toxins through normal biological processes and waste elimination. But in today’s environment, our bodies are bombarded with pollutants that compromise health and the immune system.

Body detox is a process through which we intentionally change, at the very least, our
food and lifestyle choices to allow the body to process and reduce toxins and pathogens to a safe level.

The primary cause of toxin build-up is poor diet. Fast food, junk food, and the preservatives and additives in processed foods lead to any number of complaints as they throw bodily processes out of whack.

how to detox

Among the most harmful foods are those high in acidity like caffeine, carbonated

beverages, meat, sugary foods, and processed (including canned and frozen) foods.

Toxin overload can also result when your biological processes are not operating properly, including when you can’t eliminate wastes properly. Changing your diet in a good body detox program may allow your biological processes to recover to a normal state.

When toxins within the body exceed normal healthy ranges, a person can become exhausted easily, gain weight, joint pain, and even, in the extreme, develop cancer.

Some scientists suggest that the formation of too many free radicals begins a chain reaction that overwhelms the healthy body. We know that an overly acidic pH level in the human body can create these symptoms.

Health is not just physical fitness and being free of disease. The chemicals, hormones, and enzymes in our bodies also affect the way we think and feel emotionally.

Recall your mood the last time you were sick. When the body is not healthy, we tend to think more negative thoughts and feel more destructive emotions. As our bodies become more stressed, so do your spirits.

And the opposite is true as well. Negative thinking and destructive emotions can attack our health and weaken our resistance to disease. Body detox helps bring purify not only our blood and organs, but our mind and spirit, creating not only better health, but a better life generally.

Short for “detoxification,” detox occurs on several levels. Physically, it involves cleaning harmful substances from the system and returning the body to a natural balance. Believe it or not, a¬†health pH balance is as important to our health as maintaining a healthy temperature.

There are a variety of body detox diets and programs available that will show you how to promote better health. Search for “detox diet” or “body detox” on the Internet to find an array of options for selfcleansing.

Visit your local health food store for more ideas and advice.

Detoxification of the mind is also an important part of a body detox program. Reducing the stress, worry, frustration, and anger in your daily life can speed body detox up and help maintain healthy processes and chemical balances within the body. By attending to your psychological and emotional needs, you can transform stress to joy and transform illness to good health.

Eastern philosophers and religious leaders have long been aware of the importance of physical well-being to spiritual well-being. Fasting, which is an important part of body detox, is an ancient practice that coincidentally helps remove harmful toxins from the body. Doing this makes a person’s mind more clear and heart more stable. Though they wouldn’t have used the phrase, body detox is a basic part of a healthy spiritual life as well.

Concepts surrounding the process of body detox are relatively new on the science scene. However, many leaders in helping professions for physical, mental, and emotional healing believe that detoxification is essential in today’s world.

A body detox program including a better diet, more regular physical exercise, and attention to one’s mental and emotional states may be one of the most positive changes we can make in our lives today.

Pollution, stress, conflict, and confusion are the hallmarks of modern society. As individuals, we can’t do a lot to eliminate larger environmental and social problems. But we can make a big difference one at a time as each of us works to make healthy, positive changes in our lifestyle and in the way we view life.

Body detox can do much more than relieve aches and pains or help
you lose weight. It can change your life and your outlook on life.

You don’t have to undertake a complex, formal body detox program to improve your health.

Broad life style changes that may go a long way to restoring your health and outlook include:

  • Drinking 3-4 quarters of water every day
  • Eating more vegetables and fruit and less meat and dairy
  • Increasing the amount of regular physical exercise you get
    Try short fasts (1-2 days)
  • ¬†Avoid caffeine, sugary desserts, carbonated beverages, alcohol, milk chocolate, and high-acid foods
  • Check into available alkalizing water and food supplements to help restore healthy pH balance
  • Schedule “me time” every day to restore your mental and emotional balance
  • Consider meditation or yoga

A final word of advice. If you’ve decided to undertake a detox diet or make major changes in your diet or lifestyle, visit your doctor first. Be sure there isn’t another physical problem that requires medical treatment before you commit to a formal detox program. Having said that consider body detox to improve the quality of your and your family’s lives.

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